Comet Conference 2019


Tuesday 25 June

Srikant Sarangi
Professor in Humanities and Medicine and Director of the Danish Institute of Humanities and Medicine (DIHM) at Aalborg University, Denmark will run a full day masterclass.
Pre-conference workshop | $110 AUD inc GST

Engaging Qualitatively with Healthcare Communication Data

Language/communication-based healthcare studies – concerned with talk, text and other modalities (discourse, more generally) – have been carried out over the past four decades, both within quantitative and qualitative research paradigms. Within the qualitative tradition, researchers adopt different methodological and analytical perspectives when engaging with talk data (e.g. clinical encounters, research interviews) and text data (e.g., websites, media representations, illness narratives). Within what can be broadly captured as theme-oriented discourse analysis, this masterclass will be primarily devoted to ‘activity analysis’ which is distinctive in at least three ways: mapping of structural, interactional and thematic trajectories; relationality concerning focal themes and analytic themes; and role performance vis-à-vis participant structure. Additionally, attention will be given to ‘account analysis’ which orients to the rhetorical properties of language/communication data.


09.30-11.00An overview of principles, paradoxes and practices in qualitative inquiry
11.00-11.30Coffee break
11.30-13.00Engaging with healthcare communication data from a discourse analytic perspective
14.00-15.30Data session/Group work
15.30-15.45Coffee break
15.45-16.30Forum discussion on themes raised by participants