ACTA International Conference 2018



Wednesday 3 October

Professor Ester J. de Jong
EAL Expertise and Taking a Multilingual Stance
9:30am - 10:30am
Panorama Ballroom

Ester J. de Jong is Professor in ESOL/Bilingual Education, and the Director of the School of Teaching and Learning in the College of Education, University of Florida. She teaches courses in ESOL/bilingual education and in curriculum, methods, and assessment for English speakers of other languages. Prior to academia, she worked for the K-12 public schools in Massachusetts as the Assistant Director for Bilingual Education and ESL programs. Her research focuses on two-way bilingual education, language-in-education policy, and mainstream teacher preparation for bilingual students. Her book Foundations for Multilingualism in Education: From Principles to Practice (Caslon Publishing, 2011) addresses policies and practices of responding to increasing linguistic diversities in schools. Her work has been published in the Bilingual Research Journal, the International Journal of Bilingualism and Bilingual Education, Language Policy, Language and Education. She is currently President-Elect for the TESOL International Association.

Thursday 4 October

Professor Phan Le Ha
2005 PhD Monash University, Australia
English and English as a medium of instruction (EMI) in broader Asia: Why, How, For Whom, By Whom, and So?
8:30am - 9:30am
Panorama Ballroom


  • Sociology of Knowledge and Education; Language, Society, and Education
  • Language - Culture - Pedagogy - Identity; Higher Education (including policy, practice and pedagogy surrounding the internationalisation of education, international students, academic identity, intercultural issues); TESOL; and Writing



I am Phan Le Ha (also known/written as Phan Le-Ha, Ha Phan, Ha Le Phan, Le Ha Phan, and Le-Ha Phan), a Professor (Full) in the Department of Educational Foundations, College of Education, the University of Hawaii at Manoa. I also hold adjunct and honorary positions at Monash University in Australia and University of Social Sciences and Humanities - Vietnam National University Hanoi.

At the University of Hawaii at Manoa I am also the Special Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs in leading the University's engagement with Southeast Asia.

I have been doing much research on international higher education, academic mobility, identity-language-pedagogy-culture studies, globalization and internationalization of education and knowledge production, and TESOL in a variety of regions, with a particular focus on Australia, Southeast Asia, East Asia, and the Middle East. With my recent shift to Hawaii, I am developing projects to examine issues surrounding global and international engagement and new initiatives in education in North America and the Pacific region at all levels.

One highlight of my work is the Engaging with Vietnam Initiative, which I have been developing since 2009. This Initiative has brought together scholars, researchers, policy makers, diplomatic officials and the general public to collaboratively and critically engage with knowledge production and scholarship building related to Vietnam and beyond. Annual scholarly conferences are a major part of the Initiative.

I have been advising many students' research projects on a wide range of topics related to my expertise.

My publication details can also be found at:

Mahalo and Aloha,
Phan Le Ha/Phan Le-Ha

Friday 5 October

Professor Gillian Wigglesworth
Indigenous learning in remote Australia: translanguaging, mobility and the role of digitisation
8:30am - 9:30am
Panorama Ballroom

Professor Gillian Wigglesworth is Professor of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics at the University of Melbourne, and Chief Investigator in the Melbourne node of the Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language, where she coordinates the Learning Program. With an extensive background in first and second language acquisition and bilingualism, her major research focus is on the languages Indigenous children living in remote communities are learning, and how these interact with English once they attend school. She is very widely published in international journals and books, and has edited or authored ten books including Ng, B.C. & Wigglesworth, G. 2007. Bilingualism, an advanced resource book. London, Routledge, and Wigglesworth, G., Simpson, J. and J. Vaughan (Eds.) 2018. From home to school: Languages practices of Indigenous children and youth. UK, Palgrave McMillan.


Wednesday 3 October

Professor Constant Leung

Associate Professor Kathleen Heugh

Panel: English Language Teaching for Local and Global Participation
1:30pm - 2:30pm
Panorama Ballroom
Professor Constant Leung and Associate Professor Kathleen Heugh
Moderated by Dr Ngoc Ba Doan, School of Education, University of South Australia

Professor Constant Leung

Constant Leung is Professor of Educational Linguistics at King’s College, London, focusing on pedagogies and practices related to English as an additional language. His particular academic and research interests include classroom pedagogy, content and language-integrated curriculum development, language assessment, and language policy, as well as English for academic purposes and multilingual pedagogies. He is Joint Editor of Language Assessment Quarterly and a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences (UK).

Associate Professor Kathleen Heugh

Associate Professor Kathleen Heugh is a socio-applied linguist who specialises in bilingual and multilingual education. She currently co-ordinates UniSA’s English Additional Language major, in which she has embedded contemporary translanguaging pedagogy and research. Kathleen has previously been a Literacy Expert for the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning and in 2015 was a Distinguished Visiting Professor at Rhodes University, South Africa. She is the co-founder of the Southern Multilingualisms & Diversities Consortium (SMDC).

Kathleen is a language education policy research specialist who has led system-wide and multi-country evaluation studies on languages and literacy in education in sub-Saharan Africa for international governments and development agencies (including UNESCO and UNDP). As a member of the first Pan South African Language Board, Kathleen led the first Sociolinguistic Survey of South Africa (2000). She also led the design, development and administration of the first, and thus far only, system-wide multilingual assessment of students in the world (2006). Her theoretical and field research in multilingual education in more than 30 countries has informed UNESCO language education policy recommendations for countries in Africa and South-East Asia. She has particular expertise in the relationship between the languages of learning and school retention, particularly for marginalised, migrant and displaced communities; and also in the relationship between faith and literacies in education in urban and rural settings.

Kathleen holds honorary positions with the University of the Western Cape and the Human Sciences Research Council in South Africa, and the National Multilingual Education Resource Centre, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi. With Christopher Stroud (Western Cape and Stockholm) and Piet van Avermaet (Ghent), she is the Bloomsbury Series Editor of Multilingualisms and Diversities in Education. She also serves on the editorial boards of ten international journals and book series, has over 100 peer reviewed publications and has authored 20 reports for government, intergovernment, and international development agencies. Kathleen has designed and taught at Masters’ Degree and Post-graduate Diploma levels in language policy and planning, and bilingual and multilingual education at the Universities of Cape Town and Antwerp. She qualified with a BA (Hons) from Rhodes University, an M Phil from the University of Cape Town, and a PhD (in Bilingualism) from Stockholm University.

Thursday 4 October


Panel: Embracing Digital Technologies
1:30pm - 2:30pm
Panorama Ballroom
Associate Professor Yu-Chuan Joni Chao and Associate Professor Wan Ng
Moderated by Associate Professor Sue Nichols, Associate Head of School: Research, School of Education, University of South Australia

Associate Professor Yu-Chuan Joni Chao
Associate Professor, Providence University, Taiwan.
Ph.D. in Education, The University of Auckland, New Zealand
M.A. in Linguistics, The University of Texas at Arlingtonm USA
B.A. in English, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Yu-Chuan Joni Chao is an Associate Professor at the Department of English Language, Literature and Linguistics in Providence University, Taiwan. While she was Chairperson of the Department from 2009 to 2012, two international conferences were organized in the department -- 2010 Asian EFL Journal International Conference & Workshops and 15th International Computer Assisted Language Learning Research Conference in 2012.

She received her MA in Linguistics from University of Texas at Arlington, and her PhD in Education from University of Auckland, New Zealand. She specializes in second language writing and vocabulary acquisition, with particular interests in CALL. She has implemented wiki for process writing and collaborative learning, conducted a large-scaled project of Facebook-mediated vocabulary learning, and designed an online Grammar Attention and Language Awareness (GALA) system for focusing on forms. Using technology has become an integral part of her pedagogical practices and empirical studies in the university. She recently involved pre-/in-service teachers to engage their young learners with mobile technologies and applications.

For an extended biography, please visit

Associate Professor Wan Ng
Associate Professor, School of Education, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Wan Ng BSc(Melb) PhD (Monash) Dip Ed (Monash)Grad Cert Gifted Ed (Melb)

Wan Ng is Associate Professor in Science/Technology Education and the School of Education Research Coordinator at the University of Technology Sydney. Before joining UTS, she worked at La Trobe University and the University of New South Wales, undertaking roles such as Associate Dean (International), Faculty Chair of Human Ethics Committee and School Research Coordinator. Prior to beginning an academic career in Education in 2002, Wan worked as a postdoctoral research fellow in Biochemistry at Monash University for two years and taught in schools for about 10 years. Her contributions to the wider educational community include being a member of the VCE Chemistry exam setting and assessment panel for VCAA, a science professional development leader for DET (Vic), co-director of the Victorian Science Talent Search, Council member of the Science Teachers' Association of Victoria (STAV) and advisory committee member of the Victorian Specialist Mathematics & Science Centre (Quantum Victoria) and the Victorian Space Science Education Centre.

Wan’s research interest lies in the area of science education and digital technology education, in particular mobile learning. She is interested in how young people interact to learn with technology, the empowerment of the individual through digital literacy and multiliteracies which are important aspects of an individual’s personal development and lifelong learning, and in sustainable pedagogy enabled by technology that brings about effective learning in students. These works largely underpin her research in science education, gifted education, higher education and teachers’ work. Wan has attracted numerous federal, state and university grants and consultancy work for innovative projects in the areas of science and technology education. Her most recent project is the multi-institutional Australian government-funded $1.63 million project titled Smart Science Initiative that is based on an adaptive gamified-learning environment for school science learning ( Wan has written widely for an international audience, her most recent publications include two sole-authored books titled Empowering Scientific Literacy through Digital Literacy and Multiliteracies (Nova Science) and New Technology in Education: Conceptualising Professional Learning for Educators (Springer). She has also edited two books on mobile learning titled Mobile Technologies and Handheld Devices for Ubiquitous Learning: Research and Pedagogy (IGI Global) and Sustaining Mobile Learning: Theory, Research and Practice (Routledge).

For an extended biography, please visit